Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Script - Opening Sequence

Character 1 ( Target ) - Walks out of Police Station, starts walking towards the high street.

Character 2 ( Hired Killer ) - In his garage talking to the wealthy man about the job. Gets up, picks up his jacket and walks out.

Character 2 ( Hired Killer ) - Starts walking towards his car while putting on his jacket.

Character 2 ( Hired Killer ) - While in the car the hired killer checks his glove compartement for his weapon and loads it.

Character 2 ( Hired Killer ) - Front view of his car, engine starts and lights turn on.

Character 2 ( Hired Killer ) - Hired killer walks into the wealthy man's house and opens the door into his room.

Character 2 ( Hired Killer ) - Walks into the room and shakes the wealthy man's hand.

Character 3 ( Wealthy Man ) - Says take a seat and starts to open the briefcase which he then hands over the target to the hired killer.

Character 2 ( Hired Killer ) - Take's a seat and starts to listen to the wealthy man about the target. He then starts to open up the folder which has the details of the target.

Character 1 ( Target ) - Target in prison, taking shots of side views and front view.

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Media Film cover

This is our cover for our film, this features a main image of the target in the film who ends up being the wrong person which the twist comes in. The main title is the largest and boldest part of the cover to represent the name and signify the importance, also with a rhetorical question right below to ask the audience and make them think if they were to be the character. The cover also has a date which features when the film is going to be released which also is in large font so it shows the audience clearly. 

Media Opening Sequence ( last very short scene needs re-filming before uploading )


Friday, 25 April 2014


The summary/plot for our opening scene:

The story to our film is following a wealthy man's life, the young man's dad passed away as well as most of his family member's. The wealthy man does not want to lose anymore family members and will be distraught if it had happened.

One of the family members passed away because of the trouble he had got into, the killer of the family member had been put into prison but the wealthy man was waiting until the day he came out to get his revenge.

The day finally came along and the wealthy man had tracked the killer of the family member down. As soon as he found out everything about him he soon hired someone to kill the man. The hired killer found the details of this man and stared hunting him down. In the end he kills the man but the twist to the story is that the hired killer kills the wrong target. 

Shooting schedule

Eight scenes in total:

Scene 1 - Record scene of the criminal in the prison, record in black and white as it is the past also to differ from other scenes in the opening scene.

Scene 2 - Record scene of the criminal leaving the police station into reality. This will be at the Bromley police station.

Scene 3 - The hired killer is in his garage, at his house. While fixing his motorbike he receives a phone call from the wealthy man which offers him a job. They start talking on the phone and he accepts the job and enters his car and checks his weapon. He starts to drive off.

Scene 4 - The hired killer arrives at the wealthy mans house and enters the meeting room.

Scene 5 - The hired killer and the wealthy man start talking about the target and negotiate on an idea.

Scene 6 - the hired killer then leaves the wealthy man's house and starts hunting the target down.

Scene 7 - The hired killer finds the target and kills him.

Scene 8 - the twist to the story then comes to the hired killer hunting the wrong target down, this is not the hired killer's mistake, its the wealthy man's fault. He finds the wrong target.

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

To Do List

Make sure you upload ALL of your evaluation questions to your blog as the last posts.

Your blog MUST include a pitch and script. Details are on the AS media blog.

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Shooting schedule

The shooting schedule for our opening scene will take place scene by scene. Having a shooting schedule means that it will be a lot more easier for us to film, planning it gives us a schedule so we know what to film and at certain times, certain scenes have to be filmed first so the story can flow and therefore makes it easier to edit and put the scenes together to see what we missed and what we need to add.

Scenes that are at the end or need the end will be filmed last night so it is easier for us to balance it all out and edit.

The scenes in between and starting off scenes will be filmed first so it is easier to see what we are doing wrong or right. filming bigger scenes will also make it easier to film other small scenes in between so we can edit it all together.


The storyboard of our film has been thought through in a delicate way to create a twist so the audience can concentrate and believe one thing but then be twisted. The genre will be action so therefore it will have to include all action assets throughout. The storyboard of our film will include three main characters, with a few other characters for other simple roles such as bodyguard etc.

The story starts out with a rich wealthy man that has left all his money to his delicate son which was his only close family. After the wealthy man had passed away the son has all the money therefore having greater problems. The son only has a few other family members left, this implies that every family member felt like the world to this son. The family member gets into trouble with the wrong people, therefore resulting in being killed. The son finds out and gets extremely angry. This results in taking revenge, the wealthy son hires a killer and immediately gets him to track the killer of the family member down and take revenge.

The hired killer therefore sets off and starts searching for this killer of the family member, the information had been obtained by the wealthy son so it was easy to find the killer of the family member. The hired killer finds the killer of the family member and kills him. the hired killer takes this information back to the wealthy son but then realises he has got the wrong person. Therefore the twist of the story happens here.

Friday, 28 March 2014

Target audience

The target audience for films and opening sequences vary within the genre. The two relate in a significant way, this is because different genres relate to different audeinces.

An example of this can be a specific audience that will like action movies, or a specific audience will enjoy watching comedy films. Or for other genres, there will always be a specific audience.

Our opening sequence will also have a specific target audience, this is in order to closely look at the different types of people and which genre generally gets the most support and views. When taking the target audience to account then you also have to look at the age group and type of person. With our opening sequence we will be using the genre: action. The age group for our opening sequence will be targeted at both men and women, all different ages but mainly middle aged and teenagers, this is because statistics show that mostly these two age groups enjoy watching action films.

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Costume Character - 3

The third and last character will be the target, the target does not know that he is being hunted by the hired killer so therefore he will not be disguising trying to hide. The character has also left prison so financially won't be very high resulting in not having luxury clothes. Significantly resulting in the character also wearing casual clothes, maybe a bit scruffy to indicate past.


Friday, 21 March 2014

Costumes Character - 2

The second charcter will have a costume of casual, this is because the character is the hired killer so therefore he will not be wearing a smart type of clothing, he will have a casual atire to fit in with the rest of the people. This keeps the hired killer undercover as well as implying the financial statement of not being able to afford smart clothing.

These are examples of the type of clothing the character will be wearing:

The hired killer will also be using props, such as: car keys, weapons, phones etc.

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Costumes - Character - 1

The first character will be the a son of a wealthy man, the dad has a lot of money so this implies the son will have more problems and a lot more trouble. The money is significant as the son will have a smart dress code, therefore the costume of the character will be smart. Preferably a suit or a smart type of clothing.

These are a few examples of smart types of clothing that the first chaarcter will be wearing:


Monday, 17 March 2014


The illuminator will give us night vision so we can see the location, characters a lot clearer. This is a camera option which could become useful in our opening scene.


The picture above shows an illuminator attached to a camera.

  • Attachment
  • LED
  • Infrared 
  • Night vision
  • 140 IR

Sony DSLR Camera

This is the Sony DSLR camera which is a great, easy camera to use which has many functions to suit the environment and what type of filming you want to do. The high definition filming function gives a nice filming process, as well as the bright flash which is an option to use. This is the camera that we will be using for our opening scene as it is good to use and easy to film with. 

Some of the Sony DSLR functions:

  • 24.3 megapixels 
  • HD video: Full HD 1080p
  • ISO speed range: 100-16000
  • Screen type: 3" LCD screen
  • Manual zoom
  • Manual/automatic focus

Equipment being used

The equipment that will be used for the opening sequence is vital as the equipment that films the scenes, this suggests that the better quality equipment used the greater advantage on the scenes coming out in a professional way. Therefore for our opening scene we will be using some of the following: 

  • DSLR Camera     
  • Tripod
  • Dolly
  • Light source
  • Illuminator 

Evaluation questions

Evaluation Questions 

1. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

2. How does your media product represent particular social groups?

3. What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?

4. Who is the main target audience for your product?

5. How did you attract/ address your target audience?

6. Looking back at your preliminary task (the continuity editing task), what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to full product?

7. What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?

Location shots

The location shots will include varies scenes, the location will imply the characters type and their background. The location shot for a wealthy man in our opening sequence will be in a nice, luxurious house with a smart dress code. The locations will explain the character. Any location will not make an opening sequence look good so specific locations will have to be found, the locations will also have to be altered to either daylight or night. If the location takes place at night then the scene will have to be gradually lighted up to make the characters visible so the audience can understand who they are.

Some locations that may be used for our opening sequence: 

Police station:


Thursday, 13 March 2014


A tripod is a portable three legged frame used as a platform for the camera. The tripod gives stability when filming stable shots, the camera can also travel in the same spot to the desired direction. A tripod is necessary when filming as it will capture all stable shots. 

The tripod has a number of different heights so different length shots can be taken as well as the spinning top mantel which can be changed to suit the direction of the shot.  The diagram on top shows a basic tripod with key functions to it. Tripods can be varied; the higher the price the better and more functions the tripod has, for my opening sequence a basic tripod will do as it will have the desired features.

Camera dolly

This is a picture of a standard camera dolly, the whole purpose of a camera dolly is to make filming easier and steadier for consistent scenes. The dolly creates smooth filming which a camera man can not create with just steady hands. The camera dolly offers ranges of different types and models, this is a simple model which consists of three wheels which connects to the tripod, their are also other types of camera dolly's which do not need an attached tripod. The camera dolly will be very useful for my filming and opening sequence as it will create smooth scenes, it will create consistency that the free hand will not create. therefore the camera dolly will make filming easier for consistent scenes.

Monday, 3 March 2014

Non - Copyright music website

    Ben Sound

This is one of the websites I found which is a non - copyright music supplier, it offers free music for users. The Ben Sound website gives users a variety of free music with sectioned genres to lead you in the direction of specific music genre. Having this website as a choice of music to use for my opening sequence is useful as it will give me a range and choices of which songs to use or that i can use, which are all suitable to the action genre.

The link I have provided at the top gives a closer in-sight to what the website looks like as well as the print screen of the home page of the Ben Sound website.

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Non - copyright music choices for our opening scene

This song represents the action genre of our opening sequence, this is why it could be ideal to use as an introduction or possibly parts of the opening sequence. The "trap" music genre of the song portrays action which can work with the opening sequence well. This is an example of the type of music we could potentially use for our opening sequence. Other good examples of songs we could use will have to relate to this example so it fits in with the action genre.

Another reason for us potentially using this song is that it is non-copyright so therefore the producer of the song has given us permission to use it.

Practice transition 2

The character starts off by walking down a narrow path, by himself. The camera is aiming down the path, with the back of the character, the face is not shown yet until the camera switches down the path and looks at the character walking down with the characters face identified. this is a good transition to show the different shots. As the character is walking down the camera focuses and identifies the camera for the audience. the character has no emotions as he is walking down with his hands in his pockets. The costume of the character also identifies the smart role. 

Practice transitions

This is one of our practice transitions that we have filmed and edited, this shows a practice version of what our opening scene could include. This transition is a walking character with a transition of a clicking of the finger which takes the character further along the path. The character walks down the path with one hand in the pocket, no emotions to create tension. The character stops before he clicks his hand and ends up further down the path. The characters costume is smart to identify his smart role. 

Opening scene powerpoint

This is my opening scene powerpoint which discuses the key points that the opening scene will convey. The first slide represents the three people (including myself) that are going to be producing the opening scene. The next slide starts to talk about what the film will be called, the slide suggest action names that could potentially be our films name. the presentation then goes to talk about the characters and their costumes that they will be wearing. The presentation gives the audience a taster of what the opening scene and film would include.

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Movie Budgets

These are the biggest budgets of popular films that have been produced, these are the top twenty. Avatar being the first film to have the biggest budget as well as the greatest domestic gross and the worldwide gross. The budget does not link with the domestic gross and the worldwide gross, so the greater of the budget does not depend on how much profit is made. Films such as: Marvel's The Avengers has a low budget of $225,000,000 but has mad $1,514,279,547. Other films with a higher budget, such as: John Carter has a budget of $275,000,000 and has mad a lot less then the Avengers film, John Carter has made $282,778,100. This shows that the budget does not matter on how much the film makes and for my own opening sequence i will not have to use a great budget as it will not make a difference to the profit. 

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

My music choices

Choosing the right music for my opening scene will be difficult, but my genre will lead me in the right direction. My genre being action, the music has to relate to this. So the music has to be exciting and keep the audience entertained and excited to see the next part of the film. For my opening scene I will use examples of action films that has used the right type of music for their opening scene.

The first example I have used is the Fast & Furious 6 opening scene, this is a very good example which shows an action genre film with an exciting song which fits in. The song used for this opening scene is - 2 Chainz, Wiz Khalifa - We Own It.

Another example being is the Limitless trailer, an action film with an exciting choice of song towards the end, this gives excitement to the audience. The song used is - Kanye West - Power.

Monday, 3 February 2014

Importance of music within opening scenes

Music choices is vital throughout an opening scene, this is because an opening scene without music will     be boring for the viewers. Having no music will create no excitement, no in-sentive to keep watching. The music itself creates a lot of excitement for the viewers, but the music choices is also very important for the viewers, to find the right choice and for it to fit in with the opening scene.

For example; if the film has a genre of romantic, then it will be right for the opening scene to have a choice of romantic music for its opening scene, therefore they will both link one another. But this is not enough, now the music being romantic and relating to the genre is done the music itself has to be a high quality, popular song that the audience will like hearing, therefore if the right song was chosen then the viewers will enjoy the opening scene.

Another example being a film with a genre of action means it will have to have an exciting, action filled song to start off with the opening scene, therefore it will create the excitement of the action film.