Monday, 9 December 2013

Universal Studios

I would want to look at Universal Studios for inspiration. This is because Universal Studios have produced all six Fast & Furious films. Fast & Furious films pay a huge part in what I want to create myself, the films define action as well as involving all the entertaining modified cars and a street racing theme. The reason I would want to have a look at the Fast & furious films is that it has been produced very well, this point being backed up by the huge amount of support the film has gained for itself. In my point of view Fast & Furious is the best street race film and also one of the best films I have seen.

Universal Studious have done an amazing job creating the Fast & Furious film so therefore I would like to take inspiration and look into depth how the film was created and the key factors to making it into a superb film. As well as creating this film, Universal Studios have also created a number of other great films which I can also take inspiration from.

Film company logo's

I have researched film company logo's to take inspiration and start to think about a rough copy of what my film logo will look like. The film logo's that I have chosen, most of them haven't got much colour so I would want to have my logo in a bit of colour so it catches the audiences eye. This mood board of logo's will give me a rough idea of what my logo will look like.

Music in opening scene

The song used in this opening scene is 2 Chainz Feat Wiz Khalifa - We Own It. The significance of different genres of music is that it will relate to the film and if the film is an action genre then a different type of song will fit in. For example; if a film was a comedy genre then action type of music is not going to be used because the whole theme is to make the audience laugh and that wont work.

The type of music used for this opening scene relates to the film because the lyrics and the instrumental links well with actions of the film. the music relates to the films genre and relates to the cars. The music will also decide if it catches the audiences attention, if the song is lively then it will succeed but if it isn't then it will bore the audience. If the music does not relate to the opening scene then it does not make the  opening scene itself look good, therefore will bring down the whole film because the audience will not want to watch the rest of the film.

Mise en scène of an action scene

The first set is on a one way road, the camera then zooms into the characters face; identifying facial expressions. The characters facial expressions show that he is concentrating on the coach that was shown at the start. The costume has not been shown in this scene, only the top half which looks like a plain black t shirt. The significance of this can be that the character is not financially high, as the top half looks plain and simple. The camera then moves to the next character, the characters facial expressions show that she is happy, she's got a smile on her face meaning something good is about to happen. The characters costume is covered by the shade and her arm so we cannot see it. The setting is still at the same destination. The lighting implies that it is still in the morning/afternoon. The colour of the three cars are all black, this can be significant as they could all be from the same crew. The cars look like their in good condition implying that they pay attention to their cars, which relates to the films genre. The camera then moves onto the the final car, where their are two characters, their costume is a bit more visible to the audience. Their actions look like they are arguing, speaking in a different language can be significant not to tell the audience what they are talking about. As the car starts to approach the coach, the first characters emotions change to getting happier, starting to smile. His head turns to look at the other car, it then makes the other character swerve to the side, so they are communicating through actions. The camera then moves into the coach, showing all emotions of people looking out the window to see what it was except one character that understood who it was and the emotions changed from sad to happy understanding he was going to get out.