Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Non - copyright music choices for our opening scene

This song represents the action genre of our opening sequence, this is why it could be ideal to use as an introduction or possibly parts of the opening sequence. The "trap" music genre of the song portrays action which can work with the opening sequence well. This is an example of the type of music we could potentially use for our opening sequence. Other good examples of songs we could use will have to relate to this example so it fits in with the action genre.

Another reason for us potentially using this song is that it is non-copyright so therefore the producer of the song has given us permission to use it.

Practice transition 2

The character starts off by walking down a narrow path, by himself. The camera is aiming down the path, with the back of the character, the face is not shown yet until the camera switches down the path and looks at the character walking down with the characters face identified. this is a good transition to show the different shots. As the character is walking down the camera focuses and identifies the camera for the audience. the character has no emotions as he is walking down with his hands in his pockets. The costume of the character also identifies the smart role. 

Practice transitions

This is one of our practice transitions that we have filmed and edited, this shows a practice version of what our opening scene could include. This transition is a walking character with a transition of a clicking of the finger which takes the character further along the path. The character walks down the path with one hand in the pocket, no emotions to create tension. The character stops before he clicks his hand and ends up further down the path. The characters costume is smart to identify his smart role. 

Opening scene powerpoint

This is my opening scene powerpoint which discuses the key points that the opening scene will convey. The first slide represents the three people (including myself) that are going to be producing the opening scene. The next slide starts to talk about what the film will be called, the slide suggest action names that could potentially be our films name. the presentation then goes to talk about the characters and their costumes that they will be wearing. The presentation gives the audience a taster of what the opening scene and film would include.