Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Script - Opening Sequence

Character 1 ( Target ) - Walks out of Police Station, starts walking towards the high street.

Character 2 ( Hired Killer ) - In his garage talking to the wealthy man about the job. Gets up, picks up his jacket and walks out.

Character 2 ( Hired Killer ) - Starts walking towards his car while putting on his jacket.

Character 2 ( Hired Killer ) - While in the car the hired killer checks his glove compartement for his weapon and loads it.

Character 2 ( Hired Killer ) - Front view of his car, engine starts and lights turn on.

Character 2 ( Hired Killer ) - Hired killer walks into the wealthy man's house and opens the door into his room.

Character 2 ( Hired Killer ) - Walks into the room and shakes the wealthy man's hand.

Character 3 ( Wealthy Man ) - Says take a seat and starts to open the briefcase which he then hands over the target to the hired killer.

Character 2 ( Hired Killer ) - Take's a seat and starts to listen to the wealthy man about the target. He then starts to open up the folder which has the details of the target.

Character 1 ( Target ) - Target in prison, taking shots of side views and front view.

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Media Film cover

This is our cover for our film, this features a main image of the target in the film who ends up being the wrong person which the twist comes in. The main title is the largest and boldest part of the cover to represent the name and signify the importance, also with a rhetorical question right below to ask the audience and make them think if they were to be the character. The cover also has a date which features when the film is going to be released which also is in large font so it shows the audience clearly. 

Media Opening Sequence ( last very short scene needs re-filming before uploading )