Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Script - Opening Sequence

Character 1 ( Target ) - Walks out of Police Station, starts walking towards the high street.

Character 2 ( Hired Killer ) - In his garage talking to the wealthy man about the job. Gets up, picks up his jacket and walks out.

Character 2 ( Hired Killer ) - Starts walking towards his car while putting on his jacket.

Character 2 ( Hired Killer ) - While in the car the hired killer checks his glove compartement for his weapon and loads it.

Character 2 ( Hired Killer ) - Front view of his car, engine starts and lights turn on.

Character 2 ( Hired Killer ) - Hired killer walks into the wealthy man's house and opens the door into his room.

Character 2 ( Hired Killer ) - Walks into the room and shakes the wealthy man's hand.

Character 3 ( Wealthy Man ) - Says take a seat and starts to open the briefcase which he then hands over the target to the hired killer.

Character 2 ( Hired Killer ) - Take's a seat and starts to listen to the wealthy man about the target. He then starts to open up the folder which has the details of the target.

Character 1 ( Target ) - Target in prison, taking shots of side views and front view.

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