Tuesday, 5 November 2013

The opening scene starts off with a song which does not really relate to the film, the camera starts off filming a busy crowd, and then brings in the credits which are not very visible as there is too much taking place in the background, the colors are also not bold enough to stand out. So this is a weakness that could easily be improved. The camera then focuses on one person which is highly likely to be the main character, so it clearly shows the main roles. At  first the opening scene does not relate much to the overall film, but then the main character is working on a car, so this can relate. Overall the main weaknesses is the credits and the opening not relating to the film to a degree, also i think that the opening scene could have been more entertaining to get the viewers excited and wanting to see more.

A slow, calm sound is used at first for a couple seconds before the cars enter the camera vision. The camera is steadily looking across the dessert, without any focus and a vehicle in the distance. The camera stays still for another couple seconds, showing the three cars. The overtaking of the car that the main character is in could be significant to show that he had to go first. Sound effects start to take place and builds up tension. The camera then moves straight to the characters face, zooming in and showing emotions. The camera then does the same, moves from one car to the other, showing characters and their emotions. The order that this has happened is from the most important to the least important character. As the cars move across the coach, the people inside start to get up and look outside to see what it was. The character that is important hears the car noises, and as it is his own car he suddenly recognised the noise and his emotions changed from angry, to happy as he knew they came to save him. The camera then takes a shot of the gear change and the cars speeding up, and as the significant characters car moves across into the camera the credits start showing up and the music kicks in. The credits are perfectly visible with a yellow tone to catch the eye, and a good time limit to read the credits. The credits take place in the cars, from gauges speeding up to machinery working. This recaps the films car theme.