Thursday, 13 March 2014


A tripod is a portable three legged frame used as a platform for the camera. The tripod gives stability when filming stable shots, the camera can also travel in the same spot to the desired direction. A tripod is necessary when filming as it will capture all stable shots. 

The tripod has a number of different heights so different length shots can be taken as well as the spinning top mantel which can be changed to suit the direction of the shot.  The diagram on top shows a basic tripod with key functions to it. Tripods can be varied; the higher the price the better and more functions the tripod has, for my opening sequence a basic tripod will do as it will have the desired features.

Camera dolly

This is a picture of a standard camera dolly, the whole purpose of a camera dolly is to make filming easier and steadier for consistent scenes. The dolly creates smooth filming which a camera man can not create with just steady hands. The camera dolly offers ranges of different types and models, this is a simple model which consists of three wheels which connects to the tripod, their are also other types of camera dolly's which do not need an attached tripod. The camera dolly will be very useful for my filming and opening sequence as it will create smooth scenes, it will create consistency that the free hand will not create. therefore the camera dolly will make filming easier for consistent scenes.