Monday, 9 December 2013

Universal Studios

I would want to look at Universal Studios for inspiration. This is because Universal Studios have produced all six Fast & Furious films. Fast & Furious films pay a huge part in what I want to create myself, the films define action as well as involving all the entertaining modified cars and a street racing theme. The reason I would want to have a look at the Fast & furious films is that it has been produced very well, this point being backed up by the huge amount of support the film has gained for itself. In my point of view Fast & Furious is the best street race film and also one of the best films I have seen.

Universal Studious have done an amazing job creating the Fast & Furious film so therefore I would like to take inspiration and look into depth how the film was created and the key factors to making it into a superb film. As well as creating this film, Universal Studios have also created a number of other great films which I can also take inspiration from.

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