Monday, 9 December 2013

Mise en scène of an action scene

The first set is on a one way road, the camera then zooms into the characters face; identifying facial expressions. The characters facial expressions show that he is concentrating on the coach that was shown at the start. The costume has not been shown in this scene, only the top half which looks like a plain black t shirt. The significance of this can be that the character is not financially high, as the top half looks plain and simple. The camera then moves to the next character, the characters facial expressions show that she is happy, she's got a smile on her face meaning something good is about to happen. The characters costume is covered by the shade and her arm so we cannot see it. The setting is still at the same destination. The lighting implies that it is still in the morning/afternoon. The colour of the three cars are all black, this can be significant as they could all be from the same crew. The cars look like their in good condition implying that they pay attention to their cars, which relates to the films genre. The camera then moves onto the the final car, where their are two characters, their costume is a bit more visible to the audience. Their actions look like they are arguing, speaking in a different language can be significant not to tell the audience what they are talking about. As the car starts to approach the coach, the first characters emotions change to getting happier, starting to smile. His head turns to look at the other car, it then makes the other character swerve to the side, so they are communicating through actions. The camera then moves into the coach, showing all emotions of people looking out the window to see what it was except one character that understood who it was and the emotions changed from sad to happy understanding he was going to get out.

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