Monday, 3 February 2014

Importance of music within opening scenes

Music choices is vital throughout an opening scene, this is because an opening scene without music will     be boring for the viewers. Having no music will create no excitement, no in-sentive to keep watching. The music itself creates a lot of excitement for the viewers, but the music choices is also very important for the viewers, to find the right choice and for it to fit in with the opening scene.

For example; if the film has a genre of romantic, then it will be right for the opening scene to have a choice of romantic music for its opening scene, therefore they will both link one another. But this is not enough, now the music being romantic and relating to the genre is done the music itself has to be a high quality, popular song that the audience will like hearing, therefore if the right song was chosen then the viewers will enjoy the opening scene.

Another example being a film with a genre of action means it will have to have an exciting, action filled song to start off with the opening scene, therefore it will create the excitement of the action film.

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