Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Movie Budgets

These are the biggest budgets of popular films that have been produced, these are the top twenty. Avatar being the first film to have the biggest budget as well as the greatest domestic gross and the worldwide gross. The budget does not link with the domestic gross and the worldwide gross, so the greater of the budget does not depend on how much profit is made. Films such as: Marvel's The Avengers has a low budget of $225,000,000 but has mad $1,514,279,547. Other films with a higher budget, such as: John Carter has a budget of $275,000,000 and has mad a lot less then the Avengers film, John Carter has made $282,778,100. This shows that the budget does not matter on how much the film makes and for my own opening sequence i will not have to use a great budget as it will not make a difference to the profit. 

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