Tuesday, 1 April 2014


The storyboard of our film has been thought through in a delicate way to create a twist so the audience can concentrate and believe one thing but then be twisted. The genre will be action so therefore it will have to include all action assets throughout. The storyboard of our film will include three main characters, with a few other characters for other simple roles such as bodyguard etc.

The story starts out with a rich wealthy man that has left all his money to his delicate son which was his only close family. After the wealthy man had passed away the son has all the money therefore having greater problems. The son only has a few other family members left, this implies that every family member felt like the world to this son. The family member gets into trouble with the wrong people, therefore resulting in being killed. The son finds out and gets extremely angry. This results in taking revenge, the wealthy son hires a killer and immediately gets him to track the killer of the family member down and take revenge.

The hired killer therefore sets off and starts searching for this killer of the family member, the information had been obtained by the wealthy son so it was easy to find the killer of the family member. The hired killer finds the killer of the family member and kills him. the hired killer takes this information back to the wealthy son but then realises he has got the wrong person. Therefore the twist of the story happens here.

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