Friday, 28 March 2014

Target audience

The target audience for films and opening sequences vary within the genre. The two relate in a significant way, this is because different genres relate to different audeinces.

An example of this can be a specific audience that will like action movies, or a specific audience will enjoy watching comedy films. Or for other genres, there will always be a specific audience.

Our opening sequence will also have a specific target audience, this is in order to closely look at the different types of people and which genre generally gets the most support and views. When taking the target audience to account then you also have to look at the age group and type of person. With our opening sequence we will be using the genre: action. The age group for our opening sequence will be targeted at both men and women, all different ages but mainly middle aged and teenagers, this is because statistics show that mostly these two age groups enjoy watching action films.

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