Wednesday, 11 December 2013

The Italian Job 2003 opening scene

This is the opening scene to the re-make of the original Italian Job. I have chosen this to take inspiration of how my opening scene will look. In my opinion this opening scene has only a couple negatives and overall is a very positive first approach to the film.

The positives being are that the opening scene is an animation, so it is a lot harder then normal filming, and by the final product it is clearly shown that the animation has been done very well, even the animations move as the music kicks in, implies that the producer has spent time on making it perfect. The credits are very clear to the audience and is also up for a considerable amount of time, so the audience does not have to rush to read. I also like the way that they have not forgotten about the car theme of the film and they have used the mini to take part in the animation. Sound effects are also used to identify the car.

The only negative points that I will have about this opening scene would be the music, I think it doesn't give off the action genre of the movie, and I also think that the animation could have included a bit more detail to the theme of the film.

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