Wednesday, 11 December 2013

The Italian Job 1969 opening scene

This is the Italian Job 1969 opening scene, this is from the original Italian Job movie. I have chosen this opening scene to take inspiration from because it relates to my opening scene in numerous ways; I would want my opening scene to be an action genre and involve cars for an entertaining approach. I have researched upon this opening scene and analysed it.

Like all opening scenes I have found negatives and positives throughout this opening scene. But worryingly I have found a greater amount of negatives then positives, but the reason I would look at it in this approach will be because we are in the 20th century and this opening scene was back in the 1969's so the reason for the negatives will be the lack of modern technology.

The positives for this opening scene would be the scene is very appealing because it is in the mountains and the camera only focuses on one vehicle/character. I like the way the opening starts off with the camera movements and the input of the car's engine noise which gives the audience the genre of the film, being cars. the camera then moves into the car, following the road and the car's engine noise becomes louder.

The reason why I have said that there was a greater amount of negatives then positives is because the camera stays stationary inside the car, which is good up to a certain point but starts to ease off and gets a bit dull and boring for the audience, there is no action to follow. Also the credits are not very visible with the mixture of colour and the background does not let the audience focus on one thing. The music was very calm and does not fit in with the whole genre of the movie, if a more entertaining choice of music was picked then it would keep the audience entertained but the stationary of the camera and the calm music bores the audience.

I would like to take inspiration of the opening scene by taking away the positives and upgrading the negatives and making sure I do not make the same mistakes in my own opening scene.

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